Saturday, 10 October 2015

Odysseas Tosounidis | Elective affinities with the universe

In the context of our redesign of this blog these days we are releasing previously unreleased footage and concentrate photography we have released in various sources and forms in slideshows. These slideshows, apart from being published, the dates they are created, can be found in the newly founded category "More action please!" you can find in "Gallery" menu. If you require any footage of the Initiative, we will be available to provide you, free of charge, both photos and video in any format. Contact the Greek Marble Initiative co-ordinator Mr. Paris Kapralos for any information you may require.

Odysseas Tosounidis is one of the sculptors that stayed for the longer time with us. If I should speak for a dinstinct characteristic of Odysseas this would be patience and hard work. Although most of the marble sculptors are patient people, Odysseas sets a new standard. He has created as many pieces as others, but, despite the fact that he is in no way slower than the other sculptors who participated in the Initiative’s Summer 2013 Symposium, but in 5 months time! So what’s the catch, yoy may wonder... Odysseas sets a dialogue with the material -will it be granite or marble doesn’t matter, he tames it slowly to become his image his fantasy creates. All his works mirror the hardship of being as well as the balance of the universe. His first, the  “Womb”, given birth from a vast and massive, hard-and-tough black marble stone, which we were able to move only with the use  of a huge crane of heavy objects, almost 2 by 2 by 1 meters, claimed that he worked from early morning to late at night for almost 2 months to get it done the exact way he wanted every scar to be incised! The result of course is a powerfull and magnificent piece, one of the best he has ever done!

"Without being interested in the figurativeness of the form but in the emotion that the sculpture provokes in its whole viewing, he moves between tradition – with references to greek antiquity- and modernism of Henry Moore and of Constantin Brancusi. He works with all material, such as metal, wood, marble, granite which, each time, he studies in depth because he believes that the artist should respect and know very well his material. He is charmed by the sparkling of the light on the material that is why he pays special attention to the creation of the form. In particular in his smaller scale sculptures the intense polishing of the marble and the immaculate technique of carving it, create an impression of continuity with the surrounding space, while thematically he is inspired by the natural world as well as by the human figure. A different technical approach has been followed in monumental sculptures, such as the “Dryads”. It is a complex with symbolic character, whose name was inspired by the rustling of the leaves which the artist heard while carving during the night. Dryads in greek mythology were Nymphs of the forests and of nature in general, while they symbolized the anthropomorphic idea of sounds of nature that disrupt the quietness especially in mountains, caves, streams, gorges, springs. Dryads are represented as two figures that seem to converse with each other.

Friday, 9 October 2015

"In marble & in colour": Art show in Thessaloniki (VIDEO)

~Διαβάστε στο κείμενο στα Ελληνικά ΕΔΩ.

Greek Marble Initiative and Myrό Antiques House  invites you  to visit the exhibition "In marble & in colour" they present in their spaces of Myrό Gallery of Contemporary Arts in Thessaloniki, Greece (Address: 8, Nikiforos Fokas Str., Thessaloniki).

The exhibition "In marble & in colour" sports contemporary sculpture, painting, printing and installations, all found within the lavish spaces of  Myrό Gallery of Contemporary Arts. Established Greek artists' works are bound together with renowned world sculptors who are associates with the Greek Marble Initiative. Both groups forster younger high potential Greek artists.

Among the celebrated artists we find the famous painters Vangelis Rinas, Socratis Giosmas, and Fotis Kllogeri, the distinguished Greek sculptors Pavlos Kougioumtzis, Giorgos Kikotis, and the world renowned sculptors Jhon Gogaberishvili, Giorgie Cpajak, Kamen Tanev, Albena Mihaylova, Sherry Tipton, side by side with the mid-career excellent sculptors Odysseas Tosounidis, Nana Gogaberishvili, Ciprian Hopirtean, Andrej Mitevski.

The art show is conglomerated by a group of younger yet high potential artists. These include the prominent painters Dimos Kipouros and Theoni Karakantzou, the young yet known Greek printmaker Christiana Iliopoulou - Hopirtean, and the promising sculptors Anastasis Leonoglou, Givi Michailidis, Stratos Pallas, Giannis Manikatis.

Left to right you see works of Odysseas Tosounidis, Theoni Karakantzou, and Giannis Manikatis
Two installations are embedded within the exhibition; "The Contemporary Calssic" is an arts and antiques installations including a 17th century original painting "Susanna and the Elders" granted from Myrό Antiques House permanent collection alomng with the eminent sculpture of the distinguished american sculptor of Mrs. Sherry Tipton depicting an arabic horse -a loved theme of the renowned artist. The second installation is titled "The machine" and its elements are sculptures of the Greek-Russian sculptor Giorgos Spiridonov.

The exhibition is curated by Mr. Paris Kapralos, Art Curator and Project co-ordinator of the Greek Marble Initiative.

The exhibition will conclude on Saturday, 31st of October 2015.

The gallery will remain open on Fridays(11.00 - 14.00 & 17.00 - 21.00)  and Saturdays (11.00 - 15.00) with free admission, while interested parties can arrange a private guided tour by the Gallery's owner Mr. Stavros Muronidis at an appropriate time; please contact Mr. Stavros Muronidis at (0030)6971890212.

Left to right you see artworks of Ciprian Hopirtean, Givi Michailidis, Socratis Giosmas