Saturday, 25 April 2015

Odysseas Tosounidis' solo exhibition "Quest" in Thessaloniki

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We have the pleasure to announce the forthcoming exhibition of our associate sculptor Odysseas Tosounidis in Myrό Gallery of Contemporary Arts in Thessaloniki, Greece, opening on May the 7th, 2015 at 20.00 and to invite you to attend.

Odysseas Tosounidis will show his newest series under the general title "Quest". The series include several new forms and styles for the artists, and all of them were created in Greek marble (Thassos, Kavala, and others). Most of the forms are abstract, while some are figurative, as the sculptor do not abide by either for long.

The curator Paris Kapralos writes in his note released in the Press: "Odysseas Tosounidis existential quest is not for a form or style, not for the context of things but for the very content of art amidst the universal powers which govern our existence. New creatures arise from marble into this series while powerful traditional  symbols explore their position within a "Here & Now" context".

In the Artist's statement we read "Observing life, motion, colours, birth and death, I find myself in pursuit of the form as a tool to deliver them from the stone. In most cases the material itself shows me the way into the piece of the very soul of the universe I have to liberate from the volume of stone surrounding it. The birth in my case is not a matter of technical approach but rather a research for the light that gives birth to life. In result, what I wish to depict in my works is the very light itself that gives life to everything in the universe. I subject to a phrase written by the renowned Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis, who says that we are emerging from an abyss of darkness to conclude there again, while the route from one to the other is the path of light we call 'life'. In this context, my series of "Wombs" are the mothers of the mysterious light, mysterious pathways to the route of life, delivering our light to the other side".
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Brief CV
Odysseas Tosounidis born in 1983 in Tbilisi of Georgia. He studied artistic marble processing in Drama, Fine Arts and Marble Sculpture in the school of Fine Arts & Sculpting of Panormos on the Greek island of Tinos and he completed his studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts of Tbilisi. In adition, he is holding a Master in Sculpture from the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts in Georgia and a member of Visual Artists Association of Northern Greece (SKETBE). In 2009 he raised a monument which theme is "Athenian- Melian Dialogue". This monument is located in Plaka of Milos island in the Aegean Sea. Another monument he constructed was the "Love- Park" in Ust-Kamenogorsk of Kazakhstan. In 2012 Odysseus Tosounidis created a statue dedicated in Pondian Hellenism in Tbilisi, Georgia. The materials he utilizes mostly are marble and bronze. He is a founding associated member to the Greek Marble Initiative since the kick off, he has participated in many symposiums both in Greece and abroad. Also, he has taken participated in more than 10 group exhibitions, exhibited an Installation in public in Thessaloniki, Greece, under the title "Memories" (2014). His works are found in private collections and public space.

Follow Odysseas Tosounidis works and updates through his permanent profile with the Greek Marble Initiaitive, HERE.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Odysseas Tosounidis' upcoming angel

The form is quite acquainted to Greek people as "Niki", which  means Victory, and it is an ancient greek word and it was depicted as an angel bringing the good news on behalf of victorious armies; her wings meant that as she would come swiftly, it would be also easy to fly away. Her wings were sitting in its back protruding from her head, and not sitting open as in the Christian art. "Niki" is a favourite form of Odysseas Tosounidis, and another, much bigger one is found within the premises of the Initiative, in lifesize. We do wish he is going to finish up with the artwork, so as we will show it in his solo exhibition in Myrό Gallery of contemporary arts in Thessaloniki, Greece. The exhibition is opening on the 7th of May 2015.