Thursday, 27 August 2015

Uncovering marble treasures

There is the time for creation, there is the time for festivities, for getting together, there is the time for the symposium, but there are other times also, which we do not promote usually. These days we are clearing the mess around here. We have uncovered marble blocks brought even during our first orders and the symposium of 2013, and laid them over a huge field. Do not underestimate those dusted rocks; "every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it", to quote the master of masters Μichelangelo Buonarroti... 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Giorgi Cpajak | Reality made of dreams & symbols in mighty stone

In the context of our redesign of this blog these days we are releasing previously unreleased footage and concentrate photography we have released in various sources and forms in slideshows. These slideshows, apart from being published, the dates they are created, can be found in the newly founded category "More action please!" you can find in "Gallery" menu. If you require any footage of the Initiative, we will be available to provide you, free of charge, both photos and video in any format. Contact the Greek Marble Initiative co-ordinator Mr. Paris Kapralos for any information you may require.

Giorgie Cpajak’s  floating forms carry the dramatic content of a dream into his semi-abstact and often symbolic works, especially in his monumental series, ranging from 2 to 4 m. height. His style is semi-abstract and symbolic even in smaller pieces, though some of them utilize the human form in reinforcing the sense that reality is relative. He says that he wants his works to display both the nature of the medium and the nature of what he depicts. During his many residencies in different countries, Giorgie Cpajak is also be contributing to the educational program and working with other artists from whole the world spreading the spirit of community between artistic world; something everyone worked, of even passed by the premises of the Greek Marble Initiative’s summer Symposium 2013 became a cognizant. During his long stay with us, the organizers, the other sculptors, even the technicians working in the premises gained by his experience and his sharp mind. I trust that his humility and the sense of endless inspiration will always be the astonishing part of discussing with him; although he has got some of the greatest awards worldwide, he wouldn’t discuss it unless a direct question is set to be answered! Among others you have read through in the section “Awards, Acquisitions, Collections” he has won concourse for celebrating beginning of Third millennium in France between 300 artists from all over the world, a sculpture of his is adorns the entrance of the main stadium where the “Beijing 2008” (Olympic Games of China) took place! However, what remains unrivalled is his introspection: “Stone is the fundamental material in the formation of the Universe -it has always challenged sculptors. The starting point of my inspiration is based on nature and environment. We make the environment, which in turn remakes us,” he says.

"Giorgie Cpajak works mostly in marble and granite, in works of monumental scale and his inspiration for his sculpture creations comes from the art of ancient Greece, from the ancient Asian civilizations, from the art of italian Renaissance and of the Baroque era. He works in marble in such a way so that he gives to his works great plasticity. His sculptures are literally transformed into monuments that connect the past with the future. The geometrical surfaces converse with the curves, the positive with the negative, the feminine with the masculine, with main feature the complexity of the form. A favorite pattern in his works are the columns, in which he takes elements from ancient civilizations (such as the columns of Doric Order as well as the grave signs) and he transfers them in an abstract way. Moreover, another favorite motif that functions as crowning on his columns is the cloud. So his creations are considered to be imposing while at the same time they offer a dreamy and imaginary feeling.