Saturday, 20 September 2014

UPDATE | Odysseas Tosounidis ::Reflection

This is the latest original marble & mirrors sculpture complex of  Odysseas Tosounidis, completed on September  2014, within Myrό Antiques House premises, in Souroti, Thessaloniki, GREECE, as part of the Greek Marble Initiative, bearing the title “Reflection”. Dimensions: 155 X 100 X 66 cm (left) & 135 X 80 X 66 (right).

Thursday, 18 September 2014

UPDATE | Welcoming Valasia Dodoulou - Working under threatening skies

Today we have welcome Valasia Dodoulou, a very young sculptor (at her 19s)
who joined last year's symposium at its conclusion
(left top working at a new small piece).
Otherwise we work under threatening skies
in a cool as well as humid climate, after a night of heavy rains,
while no "heavy" load moves of blocks permitted,
since the clark cannot manage on the muddy ground.
Odysseas Tossounidis
is working at a new relatively small piece (top right).
Measuring equipment, gloves and a model lie on the top of a block slowly turned into
the latest sculpture of Andonis Magkriotis (middle right).
Andrej Mitevski and Givi Michailidis working on their latest pieces (bottom pic).

Givi Michailidis will be leaving us today, as he is being unexpectedly called off
on duty as a teacher in an Elementary school in the city of Komotini.
His work will remain unfinished bbut he is coming back to finish it by Christmas.

Andrej Mitevski
working on hois latest piece.
This the hard part of producing a delicate piece from solid rock.
Andrej cuts through to take out most of the volume
so as for the form to be revealed both externally and internally.