Thursday, 28 August 2014

Gallery | A new "Flame", set...

Turning, setting, moving a marble sculpture around is a difficult and often a dangerous work. We followed and show frame by frame the process sometimes, to show what we really mean. The depicted sculpture is Albena Mihaylova's latest "Flame", just finished and set on its base.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

UPDATE | Welcoming Tasos Leonoglou

Today we announce yet another guest artist, Mr. Tasos Leonoglou, who holds a degree in sculpture by the School of Fine & Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia situated in Florina, acquired under the guidance of the known greek sculptor Prof. Hector Papadakis. His main genre is installations, most of them created for public space, addressing social and political issues of today. Find out more HERE.

UPDATE | Andrej Mitevski's newest monumental complex

A new monumental sculpture of Andrej Mitevski is now standing guard by the entrance of the Symposium! In snow-white Thassos, the big complex (280 X 220 X 140 cm with the depicted base) dominates to the view of those departing from the premises of the Symposium, leaving them with a strong last impression. Find out more HERE.