Sunday, 19 October 2014

UPDATE | Tzeni Skalkou & Stratos Pallas progress

Mr. Stratos Pallas
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 Tzeni Skalkou is progressing with the frieze-like sculpture she took up as a first artwork she produces with the Initiative, while Stratos Pallas is finishing up with the lower part of his latest artwork.

Two different types of marble consist the sculpture of Pallas, demonstrating the effect of a really undressing girl; the upper part is built with a marble of rare texture in pink tones with red and blueish nerves, that produce a flesh-like complexion of protruding veins. The hairstyle -somewhat strict next to the youthfull outline- provides with a referral to an ancient greek flair of a girl's beauty.

Tzeni Skalkou's design is based on perversional expressions of the face, when its physically stressed. Simulating states of acceleration, abrupt movement and strong emotions, the complex is made to stand up high, in a position where the forms will stare down at the spectator or the spectator will look up to them, discovering a controversial universe that abstains from everyday life.

Miss Tzeni Skalkou
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Saturday, 18 October 2014